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When to take a QB in a 6pt per TD (Superflex league)

When should I look at taking my first QB in a 12 man Superflex league (6pt per throwing TD)

There’s really three ways I feel.

  1. When you want to take one, plain and simple.
  2. When a QB falls in the draft and you can get good value on them.
  3. When there’s a run on QB’s and you start to see a big tier drop coming, and the QB’s left are better than any of the other players around.

In addition to the good points that have already been mentioned, I’d say it’ll depend on your draft slot at the start (not #deep, but still relevant).

Top of the 1st, I’d look hard at Mahomes / Lamar in the top 4 or 5.

Mid 1st & Mahomes / Lamar are gone? Definitely superstar RB or Michael Thomas … ex. Kamara at 7 is way, way better IMO than reaching for QB3.

Late 1st, maybe get 1 of the top 6 QBs in your first 2 picks (I think there’s a really big gap between 6 & 7) & a RB or WR with your other. Personally, I think there’s a gap between Dak & Russ/Kyler/Deshaun, so if Dak goes off the board before me, I might pass on QBs & try to get like a Stafford / Burrow or Minshew combo later.

I’d second the idea of tiers that’s already been mentioned. Find where there’s a clear break in how much you like the options, & then if it comes down to it, you can overpay just a little to get your guy. If the tier gets cleaned out (say you’re hoping for a top-6 guy to make it to you at 2.08, but the last one gets sniped right in front of you…), then don’t reach for Allen or someone because “I wanted my first QB in the first 2 rounds”. Pivot to another option – maybe an elite WR fell, for example – then come back around in a later round & try to win some value. No perfect science to it, but that mindset has usually worked for me. Best of luck!


In a superflex I’d take one as soon as one of the top 4 RB’s are off the table