When to take Kelce?

I have last pick in 12 team full ppr 2 wr league. Was planning on WR/RB combo but for some reason Kelce keeps staring me in the face. Would pair him with MT, Juju, or Cook. Thoughts?

I don’t like the way teams look when drafting Kelce. That being said, I haven’t seen anyone GOOD at fantasy take him yet. You have to nail your RB picks if you take him. I have him ranked 16 overall. So I wouldn’t take him at the turn. I would be looking for a combination of like Chubb/Juju there or Julio/Cook something like that.

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When i take him im aiming for fournette/carson at the 3/4 turn.

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Agree on having your RB1 and a RB2 first. I made it to the playoffs 2 years straight with him. Won me close games, even blowouts, but what got me at the end was RB injuries and then the Kittle owner knocking me out. If I had the RB’s I probably could have won.

Another TE will emerge. I like Chris Herndon. He’s suspended but week 5, no reason he should not take off. He’s an amazing TE. If not him Cook. I think Cook is undervalued. He should be open most of the time with Michael Thomas, Kamara and Ginn. He won’t put up Kelce numbers but he’ll have big games, especially down the stretch barring injuries and that’s where it counts.

I’m in auction, but just can’t keep him. Way more value at TE out there. I’d rather use that $30 plus and get Cook and Herdon which is my plan and stack the deck at RB. It’s hard to win in my league without that level of depth. I’m a RS warrior but come playoffs been out of gas.