When to take the QB plunge

Start up Dynasty draft, 12 teams.

Its the game of chicken we all play in drafts, how late do you leave it before taking a QB. We’re going into round 7 now, so far i’m 3 RB, 3WR, 1TE (Ertz) like most owners no one has taken a QB yet save for Arod, Watson, Wilson and Wentz. I’m thinking to go WR and RB one last time to get 4 of each 2 quality starters, a couple of flex options and depth. Then go for one in round 9.

The right approach, should i wait longer? Let me know your thoughts - my first dynasty draft/league.

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I did the same exact thing as you. Waited until round 9 and got Cousins and followed up with Big Ben in the 16th. If it’s one QB I still follow the late round QB philosophy, even in dynasty.

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Thanks for the response, i think round 9 is about right. What kind of year do you think Cousins will have out of interest, i’m on the fence still on him just because i think the need for him to win games with his arm will be reduced in MIN?

It’s tough to say. The offensive line isn’t great but they did allow for the 3rd fewest sacks in the league last year. The biggest question I have is if Minnesota’s dominant defense paired with a MUCH better run game, will effect his production at all - he may be throwing the ball significantly less. Hoping with the upgraded weapons around him though that he’ll be about the same as he was just a lot more consistent.

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You share the same concerns as I do, I think situation may turn him into a game manager in a lot of games which is fine in reality but in fantasy you’d like a guy with a bit more juice week to week, or more often than not - especially as in this scenario he would be the first QB i’m taking.

Not that I’m down on Cousins the player, I just have this bad feeling he’ll be a fantasy bust this year based on where he may go and what he’ll give you vs what you expect… the Vikes will not be throwing it 35+ times a game very often at all.

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the game of chicken for me is always dictated by whats on the board. if there is any player i like better than the best QB on the board, im taking that player. i dont play chicken with my league mates. i play chicken with the players themselves. the only time i ever deviate from that is if im at the turn or close to it, and i know someone after me needs a QB real bad and there is one that i want that wont make it, but i know the skill guy will make it back. i have waited until the 14th round before in a 14 round draft. but i also like to stream so it makes that easier.

I’m virtually always the last person, or close to it, to take a QB. The exception being when I don’t like any if the skill position players at that spot. Then I’ll take my stab at my guy. Generally pretty pleased with the results.

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Personally, I’m luke warm on Cousins at best. I think that defense will still be dominant and Dalvin Cook will pick up where he left off in the run game. Cousins will probably finish as a QB1, but the team won’t be on his back all season like was always the case in Washington. So the draft price will be too high for me to take him in pretty much any of my leagues. I generally don’t take a QB till around the 10th, obviously depending on the other players in the league and other guys still on the board.

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I do think whether or not it’s a dynasty league makes a bit of a difference for me. I’m willing to pull the trigger on my QB target a bit earlier in that case.

Thanks for the input guys, always good to get good players feedback and talk you down from potentially overpaying for a QB. I’ll stick to my guns, hold out and build depth for one more round maybe two depending on the direction everyone else starts to go and go for a QB there