When to trade back in the draft?

What’s up FootClan? I am in a new league this year:

  • 12 Teams
  • 2 PPR
  • 1 SuperFlex
  • 1 Keeper

Now, we (tag team league) have the 1.11 (and thus the 2.02). I am wondering what would be enough value in terms of other picks in the draft to trade away the 1.11. I think it would be a no-brainer if someone offered their 2 and 3, but beyond that I am not sure when it becomes not worth.

I would love to Belichek this. Any thoughts?

With a 12-team superflex, I don’t think I’d trade down: you will want two solid starting QBs, so you’ll be taking one of those at either 1.11 or 2.02. If you trade down and there’s a run at QB, you might be getting stuck with a mediocre QB. If it wasn’t superflex, a 2 + 3 sounds good for the 1.11.

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Firstly, howdy and welcome!

I’d not trade in SF out of the early rounds. You need QB more than you think, but if the rest of your league plays that way you can scoop up some solid players there. I would try to get at least a QB with one of those picks depending on your board, but two stud players is never bad.

If you want to move back, do so while you are on the clock to make sure the board is not in your favor with options. That’s how you BB it IMHO.

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