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When to use the #1 waver pick?


I picked last in my league draft and was given the first waver pick. It’s a 14 team league so not a lot available and once the pick is used I go to the back. Lindsay and Yeldon are available. Would you use the pick on those guys? I have Gordon and Mixon starting with Kerryon, J white, T Coleman and S Michell on the bench. Thanks for the help!


well dang dude… you’ve got RB depth, I wouldn’t spend your waiver priority on those guys to sit on your bench like your other RB’s.
Coleman has stand alone value as well as being a huge handcuff, Kerryon might start taking off next week, White and Michell are good stashes in-case Rexy goes down… what would you gain by grabbing Lindsay or Yeldon at this point?


I definitely agree with you. My dilemma is that I like to be active on the waver wire. If I hold the pick, I’m not sure how long to wait. Lindsay looks like a starter and Yeldon should have value all season.


first waiver pick in a 14 man league is huge, I wouldn’t use it at all this week. There’s no one worthy of that pick currently. There will probably be a more obvious #1 pickup in the next few weeks.


Is Eckler on waivers?
with your depth I would rather have him as a handcuff than lindsay or Yeldon.
I agree that Lindsay looks like a starter, I’m throwing %15 of my FAAB budget at him. I just don’t see you starting him over Gordon, Mixon, Coleman, or maybe even Kerryon until he shows he is the CLEAR #1

Yeldon is the Tough one… I HATE seeing soft tissue injuries, and with Fournette I think it’s going to linger just because of his physical running style. If he goes down Yeldon is going to be an insane value for trades or just pure depth.


Exactly my man.


Good advice. Thanks guys.


I agree with everyone here. You should hold onto that priority, wait til you have a sure thing on the waivers. At this point, maybe wake up at 4am or 6am, whenever your waivers process, to check out who got snatched up - maybe your leaguemates missed out on yeldon, but yeah definitely save that up for someone more promising.