When you accidentally draft Jonathan Taylor.... advice appreciated

12 team, 1/2 PPR. 2 RB, 3 WR, flex

9th pick. get CEH and Miles Sanders, nice.

Have a few minutes till your next pick… peak at WR list.
Cross off DHop, Thielen… You have ARob highlighted… 3 picks above you. OBJ, Connor, hes yours!!!

ARob selected immediately, 30 second clock starts… you panic… You want DJ Moore and AJ Brown. But who will make the turn? There is always Chark and Juju. DJ is the top listed player, so he’ll be yours either way.

Eff it, you love AJ, look for him and BOOM. clock out. Jonathan Taylor.
Next pick, DJ Moore. 6 picks pass, and AJ goes before you. You get JuJu.

So you have:
RB: CEH, Miles, J Taylor, Gibson, Chris Thompson
WR: JuJu, DeVante Parker, Marvin Jones (Stafford QB), Deebo, Sterling Shep.

Fortunately, guy who took DJ Moore, AJ Brown, also has Hollywood Brown to go with Mixon and RB2 Malcolm Brown vs D Swift

Obvious RB for WR trade incoming.

He will trade:

  1. DJ Moore for Taylor straight up
  2. DJ Moore / Hollywood Brown for Taylor / Parker

Are you happy with Marvin Jones, Deebo, Sterling Shep as WR3/flex rotation? What about later in the year, will Taylor be a stud?

Is Moore really guaranteed to outperform Parker by that much?
Hollywood hype vs Taylor post-hype-still-hopeful?

What say you?!

Nice story lol!!
In regards to the trades i would do the DJ Moore and Hollywood for Taylor and Parker, I feel like you could use a little boost to your WRs.
CEH, Sanders, Gibson
JuJu, Moore, Brown, Deebo, Shep
I like this rotation a bit more then what you have right now
With that being said Taylor could turn out to be a beast this year, i wouldnt be apposed to running with Taylor this year, but if you are looking for a little more depth at WR then i would do the 2nd trade.

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I would make this trade:
DJ Moore / Hollywood Brown for Taylor / Parker

I really like Taylor but you really enhance the starting lineup in a 3WR league with those players.