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When your league mates draft at ceilings


I’m looking for suggestions. What would you do in a draft scenario when most league mates draft the TE/QB like 2-4 rounds ahead of their ADP. Do you join the party? Ive seen league mates stock up on WR capital and it doesn’t really work out for them.


do not join the party. stock up and take advantage of better value on falling wrs and rbs. im doing a home league today and im thinking the same thing is gonna happen. if its a 1 qb league look into bortles. hes going undrafted in most leagues worst finish was qb 13 last season and has the easiest first half of season qb schedule. load up on those rbs


Yeah it makes sense! Im just curious how often other fantasy players run into this!


im assuming it happens a lot. i do a lot of home leagues and the average joe fantasy football players for some reason like to fill their starting roster before drafting for depth.


Yeah! I know in leagues where people know what they’re doing, it works. In my experience, league mates who draft way before ADP somehow always find a way to win. weird


yea i had guys getting qbs super early this year i waited till the 10th round and i got rivers and then got maholms in the 15th so i got a great deal im setting pretty!!! always get Qbs late