When's the right time to sell Ekeler?

Austin went off this week, but when is the right time to sell. Too early and I miss out on an RB1, and too late he turns into a pumpkin when MG comes back in Week 6-8.

I already have DJ, Montgomery, Carson, him, and Singletary. I am in a 3 WR league and need some guys to start there after Tyreek Hill’s injury.

Should I ship him for a WR before his value tanks?

I’m wondering the same thing. I have him in 3 leagues. One league I have gordon, so I’m keeping him. Id love to trade him for a startable RB in the other two by like week 4 or 5 in order to capitalize on his value. He is so versatile though (in real football) that I think its worth it to hold on to him for a couple weeks, he just cant really get game scripted out.

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Whenever you get great value for a player, you can move him. You can never have enough RBs tbh but if your league is start 3 WR, you can move for a WR. Alternatively, just grab one off the waivers.

So it depends what WR you’re getting for him. If you’re not getting at least a WR1, i’d just hold. Injuries will find you so have extra Rbs on stock is always good. Especially when you have Carson who has high injury risk.

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Waiver wire is sparse. Would love to keep him, but worried about WR being weak. You think starting Josh Gordon, Mecole Hardman, and Curtis Samuel at WR will produce a consistent enough floor to balance out the stable at RB?

Definitely not. That’s too shallow at WR. I’d look to go and get a low end WR1 for him if that’s all you have. Would also take a shot on some deeper adds that guys aren’t focused on like diontae johnson (soon to take job from Moncrief) and Deebo Samuel.

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Thanks man, appreciate the advice.

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