Where do you pay your dues?

We previously used LeagueSafe for dues. But just realized they charge a 4% processing fee. We thought about just using Yahoo, our draft platform, but we have players from Florida, which apparently Yahoo does not operate with FL and some other states. Just wondering what our other options are.

Pro-tip. To get around the 4% processing fee, do the following:

  1. Log on / create a fanball account. They are the parent company to leaguesafe and are affiliated.

  2. Deposit money via credit card or debit into your fanball account. There are no fees for doing so.

  3. Now go on to your leaguesafe account. If you log in using same credentials whether its through google or facebook or whatever, your balance will be updated with the amount you deposited in Fanball.

  4. Use that balance to make the payment for your league.

Problem solved.