Where do you value McCaffrey

In a league where I have Melvin Gordon and McCaffrey with Rashaad Penny and marlon Mack I got offered hunt for McCaffrey. I’m really high on him. But hunt could be a steal after the week one flop. Thoughts?

The Dream’s draft capital is in the best place to trade for him. I’d certainly take the trade you’re offered.

My thing is I drafted McCaffrey 2nd where hunts been happening to fall too. Idk if hunt will be the focal point. However. How can we be so sure about mccaferyb

With Olsen injured, I feel like CMC will be forced to get some short yardage/goal line work. hes still a ppr stud and has a locked in role with less competition in his offense than Hunt

What format is this? If this is PPR scoring, it’s CMac by a long shot. If its standard, then its Hunt. Half ppr is where I struggle the most. I am very high on CMac but I am also high on Hunt. His usage last week was encouraging to me and so was CMAC. The Panthers Oline does look like absolute garbage though. Olsen being out definitely drives up his stock a bit.

Super close call but personally, I’m sticking with CMac here. His usage in game one, especially in red zone, was awesome. His TD upside will always be capped cause Cam is the best goal line back on that team but the CMac should make up for it in the targets.

Let me preface this by saying that he was my 4th round keeper from last year and he was one of my favorite players to watch when he was in Stanford so I am definitely biased.

I think hes due for a huge season. His passing production is going to go up (or be near last years totals) with Olsen missing a month or more.

He has the ability to be an in between the tackles runner which is a step forward from last year, as he showed in college. He is also a big back so he isn’t more injury prone than the 3 down work house backs.

His passing volume might come down a little bit but he will more than make up for it by getting 80 more rushes, including the goal line work as seen on Sunday. Lets not forget what a rushing quarterback does for running backs.

I think he has the potential to finish in the tier 1 of RBs just like Hunt I personally do not see Hunt an as upgrade so it depends on what else you would be giving or receiving.