Where is the REPLY button for joining leagues?

Hi, new here. I have 4 leagues that I am in. One league I am not happy with and looking for more involved, engaged leagues. On forums, I have no problem hitting the green REPLY button, but when browsing foot clan leagues to join, the REPLY button is nowhere to be found. To join a league, do I have to email the guy or what. Why can’t I just reply?

It’s for patrons only. One of the perks of supporting the podcast. Go to the main site, find the patreon button, and put down how ever much you like. 5$ a month is the cheapest I believe.

I just signed up before I posted this. Maybe still takes time to process?

You also have to link up to the site, I forgot about that part.

It does take a little time for the Patreon -> FootClan Forum link to be established.