Where should i draft a QB in a 2 QB league?

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First time posting. Just curious as to when you would start drafting a QB in a 2 QB league?


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Not too sure about the answer to your question, but we do think Tyrod Taylor can be a major player in 2 QB leagues. So we say grab him at the cutoff for 2nd QB. We think Bortles is going QB2, but has QB1 upside. He goes in a fair spot as well in 2 QB leagues.

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QB’s are going to be the most valuable assest in a 2QB league by far. You will want to get one of the top 10 QB’s fairly early and then reestablish your depth by adding a top 20 guy, and pair that with a rookie.
Each league/draft is different. I would suggest waiting until Wilson and Rodgers get selected and then be prepared to draft your first QB within the next round or so.