Where to do mock drafts

After several years of playing FF in different leagues, I realize most of my success (made it to the championship game in 5 of the 6 seasons) comes from staying active on waiver wire and through trades. The weak part of my game is definitely the draft. I know there are mock drafts and this year I plan to do a bunch of them just to get more comfortable with the process.

Is there a place you recommend for doing mock drafts?

Yes. Do the mocks in the same platform you will draft.
If your league is in ESPN, do as many mocks as you can there.

I assume Yahoo also does mock drafts, right? That’s our host site.

yeah, I have done some there in the past.
Same with NFL.com.

I’ve done leagues on ESPN, Yahoo and NFL. I think I like NFL.com the best. Do you have a favorite host site?

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ESPN is my site of choice for redraft and keepers league. The mobile app works great.

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All of the above. Also, FantasyPros is helpful. Try many different platforms, from many different draft slots. It helps you develop an understanding of a players’ value.


I’ve done quite a few in the past @ Fantasy Football Calculator. One of the things I like about that site is that you don’t actually have to participate in a draft, but can just view the results of dozens and dozens of other mock drafts. And they are usually updated by the minute. It always gave me a great idea of those seeming to be going fairly early and often. Hope this helps. It’s kind of an interesting site.


ALSO…you can choose the type of Draft Results you want to view. Whether it’s PPR or Standard…and…whether it’s 10 team…12 team etc. I saw that there were two “likes” to my previous post on this…just curious if anybody else has checked out the draft results at this site.