Where to get dynasty player evaluations?

This is my second offseason in my first dynasty league, and last offseason I basically just winged it and managed to make a few good deals. This year I’m having a harder time judging the values of some of my assets.

For example, looking at players like Tyler Lockett and Deebo Samuel on my roster and wondering what kind of value i can net for them, or if they are worth keeping for another run next year. Lost in the Semi-finals this year, and have youth at RB with Dalvin Cook and Josh Jacobs, but feeling much more shaky at WR with Lockette, Deebo, OBJ, Mike Williams, and Claypool rounding out my core. The rest of the bench is just fodder/depth. Feels like my win-now window is closing

Does anyone have any tools they suggest using to put together trade packages and such? Or Pick evaluations?

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I think all these have some version of free content, but to get into it you will need to pay.

I would start at Fantasy Pros or Football Guys. Both are paid (I am pretty sure) but you get an awful lot. Especially from Fantasy Pros. They have a very nice player management system across your teams. They will pull rosters from most FF services and help you with trades / wire / sit start / etc. I like the both of them as they are big time services so you are getting a breadth of analysis.

The downside is conflicting info. That is, if you read articles you will find people alternating on like/dislike for a specific player. However, this balances out in the rankings as so many people go into the average. It’s a win/loss of those two sites.

If you want to go more niche, Dynasty Nerds and RotoViz are very good. Both are paid and they offer some great tools. RotoViz is a gaping rabbit hole of tools / info. You can get lost and many of the tools are not ‘obvious’ on the first blush. You really have to settle in to learn them. However both offer interesting insights and articles. Dynasty Nerds has a podcast as well which is worth it, but can get a little crass. Not a problem to me, but be aware of your surroundings when playing. Nothing overtly bad, but it’s not G rated. Dynasty Nerds also has a very nice tool, similar to Fantasy Pros. I am not sure if they are ‘different’ and DN’s tools are newer and not as polished, but I like them to compare / contrast. I use them in conjunction.

To start I’d look at Fantasy Pros (and their podcasts). Their tools are wonderful and the podcasts are wide ranging but informative. My favorite analyst is on Football Guys (Matt Waldman) but their site is not as useful IMHO. They do have some quality articles. If you want more from there, Dynasty Nerds is where it’s at IMHO. And if you wanna get lost in the woods dive into RotoViz.

FWIW, if you really want to jump into the numbers/analytics I’d look at Player Profiler / PFF / NumberFire to see where most of the analytic guys get their information. I have not gone there yet. I’m wading through RotoViz and that keeps my hands / mind full for now. My “style” of figuring things out starts with game tape (NFL Game Pass is boss!), reading articles and then analytics. I use one to prove/disprove my views and in the end I get my take. I understand analytics pulls out the subjective, but IMHO there is still much value to seeing it on tape. Analytics support/crush your eyes, but on their own analytics does not work for me.

But that’s just me and everyone has their own takes / tweaks.

Final note: Matt Waldman does a Rookie Scouting Report that is awesome for incoming rookies. If you want a nice breakdown of incoming rookies, his publication is worth it. He does a pre and a post draft. Pre is just his takes on all his research regardless of NFL landing spot, and post takes the NFL draft into account. It’s interesting to see how / where his views swing after Draft Weekend.

I hope this helps out some!


I would suggest looking into Dynasty League Football

They collect monthly ADP which I find is quite helpful in determining public perception of player value. You can also participate in the monthly ADP collection. Ryan McDowell, one of the co-owners, is must follow.