Where To Go With This Dynasty Team (PPR)

Currently in a purgatory type of spot. Curious what moves/direction you would take with this team.

12 Team not SF (6pt passing, TE 1.5 PPR)

Have the 1.07, 2.07, 3.07

Your biggest need is RB, but with 1.07, you’re not going to get a great one unless Javonte Williams slips (unlikely in a non-SF). I think what you ought to do is try to find an RB1 with a little risk built in and try to trade that 1.07 pick for him. I think the perfect candidate would be Joe Mixon. A lot of people are down on him, but he’s still only 24, will have an improved line, healthy QB, be healthy himself, and have a full offseason this year. If you can pull that off and he hits, you’ve got an RB1 for years to come. He has less built-in risk than any rookie RB besides Najee anyway, and he’s only a year older than Najee.