Where to take Melvin Gordon?

I’m drafting tomorrow evening, where should I be looking to target Gordon for value if at all. It’s a keeper league startup so picking him up in a later round might be beneficial.

as painful as it is to say it, gordon is off my board entirely. someone will take him in the top 4 rounds, and thats my range. ill consider him round 5 depending on a few things, and i think i for sure would do it round 6 at this current moment. but he wont make it that far cause he will be too appealing to someone in some round in the top 4.

I’m on board with you. No way am I taking him in the top 4 rounds either. 6th sounds appealing if he goes there.

It’s really hard with Gordon but I’m also not willing to take him in the forth maybe late fifth depending where I was drafting but still wouldn’t feel comfortable about it at all! Good luck to you

I’m the 7th pick in a snake draft.

Let someone else do it. Wherever his ADP is now, there’s plenty of other good players to be had there.

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Would you take a chance on Gordon if you have an IR spot in the middle of the draft?

I’m in a keeper league with the 7th pick and one keeper. I’m willing to take Gordon in round 2 if he makes it back to me. My dilemma is I have CMC for my first round pick or Kerryon for my 6th round pick. If I take CMC and Gordon that’s an amazing stack worth the risk. Kerryon allows me a 2nd to 3rd round value for my 6th round pick. I might be able to swing easier if I take Kerryon. I think in PPR it’s easier to take the risk because you can go heavy WR and get a pass catching back late to raise your floor.