Where would you draft Tyreek in Keeper league?

Where would you draft Tyreek in a 10 man Keeper league where you can keep that player at previous year’s draft position?

Depends on how much info is available at the time of the draft. If it’s a 4 game suspension, I’d say 3rd round I could live with it. If it ends up being 8 or so, then I’m just not drafting him.

Even with it being a keeper league you shouldn’t be planning guys for next year at the draft. It’s fine if it’s a tie-breaker between certain players, but if Tyreek does end up with 8 games, then there’s 9 weeks you have to plan to not have him in your lineup. If it’s only 4 weeks, then you just have to weather the storm of the first 4 games of your fantasy season, then you’ll have a top 10 WR going forward. But anything more then you’re just sacrificing a bench spot during the entire duration of the suspension and that’s going to hurt you this season. It’s not worth it just to plan for next season.