Where Would You Rank

Now that the Baller’s have released their early projections for the top 20 RBs and I want to know where the Footclan would rank these names, and what percent chance would you give them to break into that aforementioned Baller’s top 20?

James White (Gronk’s gone)
Phillip Lindsay
Mark Ingram
Jerrick McKinnon
Derrius Guice

Ingram is the only one I see having a greater than 50% chance to be in the top 20 RB for 2019.


If, at the start of the season, Guice is almost 100% healthy and getting around 15 touches, I think he could be top 20 but its risky.

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  1. Mark Ingram - they are going to run a LOT and Ingram is a mean mofo; safest chance
  2. Jerrick “glass” McKinnon - if he can stay freaking healthy, locked top 20 but very big IF; most rewarding gamble
  3. Derrius Guice - how’s that o line looking at the start of the season? how are the touches falling with AP still there, Chris Thompson, and Perine? in my opinion not likely unless they decide to feature Guice
  4. Phillip Lindsay - an uninspiring offense with potential back-by-committee again [Rolls Royce/Booker]; not enthralled…

James White is in his own category because the day I learn to predict the Patriots running back decisions is the day I figure out I’m omniscient… but he was fire last year.