Where's Waller?

After 19 targets in week 1 he has 7 to 8 targets in the next four. He has almost become TD dependent. Should I try to trade him for a mid range TE and WR?

8 targets for a TE is pretty good. He’s still pacing for around 1100 yards and around 6-7 tds. What else do you want? The last two weeks they have thrown for around 200 yards and the team has been dealing with the Gruden side show. Stick it out or if you can get good trade value do it. I lost Rus. and was able to Flip him and Conner for Herbert and Shultz. I feel pretty good about that.

Yeah. I guess you’re right. I guess the first week gave me unrealistic expectations.

Thanks for the reality check!

Yeah. Everyone. They haven’t used him like part of their running game this year with the short screens. That’s fine. I don’t see a lot of changes in the offense with the special teams coach taking over as head coach for now.