Which 2 RBs ROS?

Have T. Coleman, D. Singletary and R. Jones in a 0.5 PPR to flex every week and need to upgrade my WRs. Which one do you package with a WR to trade up?

Keep singletary, out snapped gore 60%+ the last two weeks with 23 touches last week. Coleman is in a committee but looks to be the first option. He’ll still be hit or miss. Bruce said rojo is the guy but their running hasn’t been the most consistent and pass happy team.

In a perfect world you’re keeping singletary and coleman. Singletary is out touching gore and Coleman all be it a committee Is still pretty much an every week starter on a run heavy offence. Only issue is I don’t know how much you’ll get back for Jones. Bruce said he is the guy but their run game isn’t that good

Ok thanks guys! Was thinking kind of similar. Trying to use some of my depth to upgrade and open up a bench slot.

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