Which 2 to keep

12 team 3 keeper league, 2 round penalty, who do you guys recommend? Already have my 1st as Lamar Jackson (drafted 10th round last year, would lose 8th).

Alvin Kamara (drafted 1st round, would lose 1st)
Miles Sanders (drafted 5th, would lose 3rd)
DeAndre Hopkins (drafted 1st, would lose 1st)

Can only pick 1 between Kamara and Hopkins if one is picked. Leaning Kamara and Sanders. Appreciate any thoughts.

Not sure of your scoring for receptions and starting requirements, but I would prefer to have Kamara and Sanders and go WR in the draft with your 2nd round pick. Just feel like there is also more quality WRs out there.

If you don’t mind, would appreciate your thoughts on my auction question posted. Good luck!

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I agree, I’d definitely keep Kamara and Sanders and might even aim to pickup a 2nd round RB too, then draft a string of WRs through the middle rounds