Which 2 WR Should i Start?

Full PPR League w/ 3 WR spots and I will be starting Adam Thielen, what other 2 players should I start this week:

Godwin, Sutton, Sanu, Demaryius Thomas, Josh Reynolds, Danny Amendola

Bonus question - which WR can i drop? I need to pickup a kicker.

Thanks in advance!

think id go godwin, thomas and drop amendola
Keep an eye on julio jones, he is injured as always, if he doesnt play, sanu gets a bump… and i like sutton this week, but since this is a ppr and keenum throws like less than 15 passes per game, he may not score as much as you’d want him to

I would go Godwin and Sutton. Godwin has seen good usage, and with Denver losing Sanders, Sutton’s usage should hopefully go to Sander’s level of usage. I would drop either Amendola or Sanu.