Which 2 WRS for this Week! Standard

Hey guys, looking to for any advice on starting 2 of the following receivers in a standard league:

  • Crabtree
  • Larry Fitz
  • Robby Anderson
  • Golden Tate
  • TY Hilton

I keep switching, I swear, every hour. Any thoughts would be awesome

Fitz for sure. Maybe Crabtree as the secind, but I’m less confident.

How confident are you in your team winning?? If you need big plays I would go Larry and Tate/Hilton but if you think the rest of your team can handle it got Crabtree and Fitz

Fitz should be a lock either way. He has the highest floor and arguably his ceiling is as high as anyone’s other than maybe Hilton. And he’s at home, where he’s a beast, in a good matchup. For the second WR, I think this thought process definitely applies.

Edit: after re-starting, looks like Fitz was included in both scenarios, so it looks like we’re in agreement.

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You go fitz and Anderson. They are both top 10 performers nearly every week lately. Don’t risk playoffs on Hilton. You need touch downs and Tate is unlikely to provide. Raiders are becoming a run first team finally using lynch, plus raiders have been bad lately unless they get into a shootout. Fitz is obvious. Anderson is like Hilton with the huge shots down field we want to see giving him high ceiling but has a high floor as well.


I’m sitting on Mccoy, Ingram, Fournette, and Lynch. So I’m thinking if Ingram is out I’ll probably flex Lynch? But, I’m not sure if I’m limiting myself if I get stuck playing Lynch (if Ingram is out) and also playing Crabtree.

Hilton seems like a good “hail mary” play but he keeps burning me this year.