Which 3 do I start?

I picked up a lot of receivers this week because my opponent lost both Benjamin and garcon and doesn’t have enough to fill his lineup. Which of these players do I start. I have 2 wr spots and a flex. McCoy let me down so I need sure starters.

M Thomas
Golden Tate
D Thomas
Amari Cooper
Sterling Shepard

And Does Freeman get the flex spot? Thanks. Standard Scoring

I love the strategy lol

M Thomas for sure
I like Dez and Golden after that.

I’m struggling with whether or not to start Freeman in my flex.

I have to start Freeman in my league so I hope he is worthy, but I would for sure go Thomas and then I would personally lean Tate. Zek is playing this week so I’m not sure how that will affect Dez. I trust Tate more with a juicy matchup