Which 3 for Week 10: A.Morris, Sanu, R.Woods, D.Parker, Smith-Schuster?

0.5 PPR. All have GREAT matchups except D.Parker has a slightly below average matchup at CAR.

It’s worth noting that I’m off to a good start having Jimmy Graham and am “favored” to win by 18. My opponent also has J.Goff (something to consider with R.Woods).

Morris, Woods, Sanu for me

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Woods isn’t that consistent in my opinion, I’d go with upside with Parker and Morris and Sanu is a safe play.

I threw in a couple facts to the OP.


Leaning towards starting Sanu and benching Smith-Schuster. So I guess now that leaves 2 spots left to choose between A.Morris, D.Parker, and R.Woods.

Juju has to compete with Martavis again so there’s that. Sanu has been good when healthy so he is a lock. Morris has great potential if he takes advantage of the cowboys O-Line against Atl. Parker is good and has volume but Carolina has a good defense and I don’t trust Cutler against that to put it in his hands. Woods isn’t consistent but his matchup is good and he is still getting targets. Houston is a good matchup for him and Goff is expected to have a good game which means his receivers will benefit from that. You’re rolling the dice because which receiver benefits is the problem but there is a high ceiling there.

My only concern about A.Morris is the uncertainty in which they handle the 3 Dallas RBs.