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Which 3 would you keep?


.5 PPR - 2 RB, 2 WR & 2 Flex

Amari Cooper - 3rd Round Pick
Jarvis Landry - 3rd Round Pick (4th if Cooper kept)
Donte Moncrief - 6th Round Picj
DeAndre Hopkins - 7th Round Pick
Sammy Watkins - 8th Round Pick
Ty Montgomery - 8th Round Pick (9th if Watkins kept)
CJ Prosise - 15th Round Pick
Paul Perkins - 16th Round Pick

The best available player for my first pick will almost definitely be T.Y. Hilton, Dez Bryant or Michael Thomas so I lean towards keeping one RB, but, could start 4 WRs if I had to.



I would do Watkins in the 8th for sure. The other 2 are tough. I would roll the dice on Hopkins with a 7th, I think, and then probably the 9th on Ty.

It’s a risky play, but you could get 2 WR1s for an 8th and a 9th round pick.

I would 100% not waste a pick on Prosise, even if is a 15th.


Cooper and Landry you can immediately rule out. The value isn’t really there for those two. Moncrief is also going in the 6th round a lot.

Personally I would take Watkins, TY, and Perkins. So for the 8th and 9th picks you get 2 4th rounders. I am assuming in a 3 keeper league the RBs will be pretty well picked over so having two leads in the backfield will help. I would also strongly consider drafting an RB in the first. WRs have a lot more depth and neither of these are RB1s.



Watkins and Hopkins make me nervous and Ty could end up as just a low end flex if he becomes more of a 3rd down back with one of the rookies getting the carries. But, unless there’s an injury at worst should have my flex spots and bye week depth covered and could easily end up with two low end WR1s and a solid RB2.


I wanted to see what people thought but was pretty much down to Cooper, Watkins, Hopkins, Montgomery and Perkins. And with the potential to get a better WR in round 1 or redraft Cooper in round 2 I agree the value isn’t there.

If there’s more positive news on Perkins before the draft that will be tough to pass up. But, if I had to decide right now I think he makes me too nervous with all of the other potential pieces.


Yeah Perkins comes with risk, but you get him at the end of the draft. If he is a bust you haven’t lost that much, same with TY. I only side with the three I mentioned because of the value.


Cooper and Watkins are great deals and both have a good shot at being WR1s this year. Don’t love the RB selection but the safest bet would be Ty and you can get him 1 round later if you also keep Watkins.


I’d go Cooper, Watkins and Ty. All of those players have risk so I would try to keep the potential of Watkins and Cooper.