Which 3 would you start ur team with?

12 teams, .5 ppr, 1QB, 1TE, 2RB+2WR+1flex, 1pt per 20 yards rush or receive.

  1. David Johnson + Tyreek Hill + JuJu
  2. DJ + T. Hill + Kele
  3. DJ + T.Hill + Kerryon or Aaron Jones

Thanks for your input

Also I pick third so after my first pick which is really the 3rd round I won’t pick again for a long time.

3 keepers? I’d go #1 as they’re all top 16 ADP. There’s a chance you get Kerryon or Jones with your first pick.

I like #1, all are late 1st early 2nd picks

Who’s Kele?
Edit: Nevermind, don’t know how I didn’t pick up on Kelce.

@NickJohnson only two keepers. I have figured out that I pick 3rd in our first round and those guys will most likely be there. Kelce, JuJu, Kerryon, Damien, and Aaron Jones

I like DJ, 'Reek, and Aaron Jones there. I might be ridiculously high on Aaron Jones, but he really impressed me last year.

Ah that makes sense!

I go 1 for sure

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Definitely #1. JuJu will be a clear #1 and should be fairly consistent, which will help cover you for someone like Tyreek who has MASSIVE games but can bust every now and then.

Kerryon and Aaron Jones have potential to break out, but both ARE dependent on their teams and health a little more than the other options.

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I was thinking Kelce but I suppose I could get JuJu and just go after the vance dance later… Thanks for your opinion bro

DJ, Reek, Juju

Gotta go with JuJu for longevity. Top WR > Top TE