Which Bengals do I start?

Desperate for lineup advice. I have Mixon, Chase, and Higgins on my team, but am worried about starting all three in case the Bengals offense struggles. I’m definitely starting Mixon. Which of the stud WRs would you start, or would you still start both.

In my dynasty league, we start 1qb, 2 rb, 2 wr, 1 te, and 4 flex. My current lineup is:

QB (Allen) RB (Mixon and E. Mitchell) WR (Chase and AJ Brown) TE (Kittle) FLEX (Davante Adams, Justin Jefferson, Antonio Brown, and Najee Harris)

Appreciate any advice. Thanks!

Advice please. I’m tilting hard.

I’m biased towards Tee Higgins, who has been more explosive since the bye (and who is on my dynasty roster, too).