Which Browns WR to grab?

Standard league. I’m trying to acquire Landry, no joy as yet but his owner will be 0-5 likely this week so the tilt will help i’m sure.

Reason being the Browns schedule after week 5 is looking very very nice - LAC, TB, PIT, KC, ATL - all of these teams score high and can’t stop much. Really want Landry but failing that is Callaway or Higgins the guy to grab for this tasty stretch??

Any thoughts on this one clan?

Landry is awesome.

Callaway is another good play with Baker now in. Callaway over higgins by a country mile.

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My thoughts as well, I’ll press on with trying to get Landry!

If you can get callaway for cheap though, I’d do it. Those matchups coming up are very juicy and baker is more than capable of throwing 30-40 times to win a game in a haley led offense. Haley loves nothing more than to throw the ball. A-la-AB + JJS. Callaway is their only deep threat.

Callaway is a free agent right now, cleared waivers no one was interested. I can probably drop Hines for him.

Not sure if I’m playing Hines or not and if he’s benched I can drop a player who’s played for a free agent no delay period. RBs are Gordon, Cook, Mixon, Yeldon, Coleman and Hines. So o can see what if anything I have in Hines and grab Callaway tomorrow ahead of time?

Damn is it a 10 man league? I can’t imagine why callaway is there in 12 man leagues.

Given yours is a standard league, i would 100% drop hines for callaway right now. Receptions don’t give you anything and hines isn’t going to score 2 TDs a week or even 1 TD a week. Callaway has the deep ball / higher TD upside with baker.

they’re both darts but I’d rather dart at Callaway tbh. And if you end up getting landry, can always just trade away callaway after a big game which we both know is coming.

I know it’s mad, 12 team I think as he’s not done much lately and there’s a lot anti Brown’s feeling no one even looks at him.

Agreed that’s true, and yes Callaway is bound to blow up in one of those matchups they’re too good for him not to.