Which Conner trade do you like better? Neither?

Considering 2 trade offers that would send away James Conner or a third option of standing pat. The Cook owner is 0-2 with Luck at QB. I have Big Ben and Mahomes at QB. Which of the 3 options would you recommend? 12 team standard.

  1. Accept the offer of giving James Conner + Big Ben for Dalvin Cook
  2. Counter by giving James Conner + Big Ben + Engram for Dalvin Cook + Ertz
  3. Keep Big Ben and try to sell Mahomes for more

My other RB’s are Gordon, Collins, Williams, Morris, Brieda

if you’re dying to move some players and mix it up, i’d probably go with option 2 (for the TE upgrade). However, my personal taste is to stand pat with that depth you have this early on.


In that order.

2 is where I’m leaning, but I wouldn’t mind doing option 3. I’m probably a little risk averse and don’t want to lose Conner for nothing when Bell comes back.

no way I’m selling Mahomes right now though…I’m standing firmly in the flames with that dude.

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Yeah, I like Mahomes a lot. If the decision is to keep him, then I’m moving Big Ben and I don’t think I’ll get more in return than the offers packaging him with Conner

I have Bell in my keeper league, and I’m treating him like he’s been lost for the season. He’s in my IR slot, in fact. I honestly see a scenario where he doesn’t suit up at all for the Steeler’s this year. The OL and front office have made it pretty hard to see him smoothly coming back into the fold. I wouldn’t be in any rush to move Conner…IMO

Interesting. I’ve been acting as if he’ll come back after missing the first month. No particular reason other than a report a couple weeks back that some leauge execs believe he’s more likely than not to report by the end of September.

I can’t envision a lost for the season scenario. He’s gotta play games to cash in on the next deal

i heard that he has to show by week 10 to have this year count and fulfill his contract. however, that said, he could come back and just peddle a bike or say he has a soft tissue hammy issue. the steelers may not wanna put him their locker room after all this drama too.

Yea, week 10. I suppose that’s possible, but if he’s gonna cash in on the next deal, he’s gotta give off the impression that he causes no locker room drama and is 100% healthy. Then if both of those are true, Pitt has to play as long as they’re in playoff contention, because he’s their best chance to win. Maybe he still splits time with Conner or gives up touches to Conner though.

nope, i don’t think he has to prove anything to teams this year and taking all the time off only adds to his healthy impression. i kinda think Tomlin keeps him out for the sake of team chemistry, if Bell doesn’t show until wk10 too.

Given some of his teammate’s initial comments when he didn’t report, I could see team chemistry issues getting worse the longer he sits out. I still see it more of a no-win situation though if he holds out until week 10 and Tomlin doesn’t want to play him. If they keep him out, that team is going to be a media circus. Questions about that decision will follow the team every week.

I also read that someone close to Bell (MJD I think, but don’t quote me) said that Bell told him he changed his whole holdout plan after seeing the OL’s comments on social media. He didn’t elaborate what that meant, but…

I go option 3 on this one

Is it even worth trading for Bell at this point?

Tried option #2 and no response. It looks like the Cook owner is passing on the counter offer.

I was gonna say only #2 or #3. #1 isn’t terrible but you may find yourself on the losing end of that in various ways. I think #3 is a better option. Cook’s value could also be called into question if Murray has a huge week in his absence. Cook is also a lot less valuable in my eyes if I can’t get Murray along with him. Moreover, Mahomes may well have yet another huge game in a good matchup at home vs. SF.

I think you do #3 and take advantage of what should be strong outings by all these guys to capture that added value for use in a blockbuster kind of trade. I def like the idea of selling Conner high sometime soon. If you can sell Mahomes for a premier skill position player, I’d def do that knowing you have Ben still. His offensive weapons are insane.

Yeah, I’d like to move Conner within the next week or two. I’d be really happy to do it in a deal that nets Mixon, Fournette or Cook. Cook is my least favorite of those three due to injury concerns.