Which D for this week?

So I have Houston Defense on a bye this week. I just picked up Buffalo Defense against Tampa Bay (most likely without Winston) but Dallas D (vs San Francisco) and Tennessee D (vs Cleveland) are still on the waiver. Should I roll with the Bills or jump after a defense like Tennessee against a bad Browns team?

I think stick with the Bills because if Fitz starts we know he is prone to interceptions, these are probably his best pass catches of his entire career but he still holds onto the ball too long and throws into double coverage. The Bills D has been in every game this season and I see this game being low scoring. I think Tennessee is a close 2nd just because Cleveland has been so bad and turn the ball over so much. The only issue with Tennessee is since there defense is so bad as well maybe Cleveland gets a few big plays off. Bills seem the safe bet unless your hoping Tennessee shuts out Cleveland.

Dallas D will keep give up a couple big plays to SF.

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As a Dallas resident and loyal supporter, I wouldn’t recommend that D for regardless of match up…I’m confident that game will not be as lopsided as people think

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