Which D/ST to stream this week?

Titans or Cowboys?

I have the titans in my leagues. I think they would be my preference

How do you feel about the Bengals? I know the matchup doesn’t look good, but they force a lot of turnovers.

I’m dropping Denver to pick up Titans more than likely this week.

I base a lot of my DST stuff on the weekly article.

At the end, there’s the chart mapping out the stats for the DSTs. According to it, the Bengals give up a lot of points in games in comparison. That’s okay if they can force turnovers, which is questionable versus Melvin Gordon. You might get an interception of two our of Rivers, but I don’t know if it will be enough.

I would avoid Titans. That is a trap game imo. Titans D is nowhere near as good as Browns and their secondary is leaky at best. Malcom butler has given up the most deep pass TDs in the league and John Brown is currently leading the league in Air yards with Flacco who loves passing deep. Not a good combo. I think Ravens can easily hang 30 on that team.

My top DST streams for this week are:

  1. Packers - at home vs 49ers, heavy favorites, 49ers playing outdoors in GB.
  2. Texans - at home vs Buffalo who has no pass game to speak of while texans are the 2nd best run D in the game. Look at what they did to dallas. And they have clowney/JJ against that atrocious Oline. Great sack floor and they aren’t going to give up many points
  3. Vikings - At home vs Cardinals. No explanation needed.
  4. Dolphins at home - This is my sleeper/sneaky play. As good as bears D is, trubisky sucks. Even more so on the road. Fins pass d is pretty solid and creates a lot of turnovers so they’re a great counter play to the bears D.

The only one available in my league out of the ones you mentioned is the Dolphins. Others available are Bills, Seahawks, and Cowboys. That’s all that I see that could be a possibility. I know the Bills have turned it around on D lately, but still not a fan.

I picked up the cowboys

Cowboys are another fine play at home. Cowboys or Dolphins both work fine.

How do y’all feel about the Jets and Browns D as opposed to the Cowboys or Dolphins.

Browns D is fine. So is Jets but both those teams have great QBs. I prefer not to bet against good QBs. Which is why I think Cowboys and Fins are both better plays. Both playing vs bad QBs.

What about Seattle against Oakland?

Oakland seem to be all over the place with their offense, possible stream?

So i’ve lost 2 massive bets now betting against Oakland for their home games. Browns this year and chiefs last year. I’ve learned that the refs are absolutely rigged when Oakland is the home team. I don’t do it anymore.

Even though they are playing in London?

I’m not sure how they assign refs for London games. Other factor is, Seattle on the road is significantly worse than seattle at home. Generally, choose defenses playing at home, and are favored, against bad QBs with low O/Us.

That’s a good formula. will have another look at streaming options

What do you think about Carolina?

wouldn’t consider the vikings a stream. owned in most leagues despite the poor start.> Blockquote

Yeah you’re right. I just assumed they would’ve been dropped after 3 consecutive weeks of poor performance. They’re not owned in any of my leagues but in more generic leagues, people probably still holding on name value. Figured I’d mention it though just in case you’re in a competitive league.

looking at the percentages now… a whopping 86%… Im thinking Cowboys… BILLS… yeah I said it… and TItans… chasing point on the Titans but they have a very high blitz percentage… could be a good match up seeing how Balt. likes to use downfield routes… or could be a disaster seeing as they like to use downfield routes.