Which D tonight?

PIT at Home

What’s your situation vs. your opponent pointswise/players left? I think Pitt if you are in need of big points and Bal for conservatism.

I have A. Brown, Tyreek hill and either PIT or Bal im down 20 points PPR League

Does your opponent have anyone left to play? Maybe I’m wrong about the defenses actually. Pittsburgh might be the safer play.

nope he is done

Or depending on how your league is scored, honestly sounds crazy but playing no defense could be worthy of very slight consideration with those two guys left in particular.

im down 20 and Have 3 left

If it’s a shootout game where Brown scores a lot, that means Baltimore is messing up on D. But if Brown is not scoring enough, you’d want to have Baltimore’s D. So I guess you hedge your bets and go with Baltimore right?

to get minus points a team will have to put up over 35 points on a D in our league

LOL, I have thought of it both ways, I have PIT in. Playing at home and due for a good outing.

If that’s the only way to get negative points, honestly I’d just play Pittsburgh’s D. Baltimore’s offense isn’t that amazing. And it’s at home in primetime? I like the Steelers here all around personally.

Yup. I think that is very rational. You shouldn’t have a problem closing this one out.

just checked the system, I have to play a D…tried to go with out…no can do

You made the sensible choice.

How can it force you to play a D though? What if you didn’t have one on your bench already?

well I guessed wrong already…its been like this all day

lol i was just writing something along those lines

my goodness i hate fantasy football sometime

it’s def been one of those days. i just lost with that flacco/brown connection so i’ll just enjoy the game on its own now…

I bet i get negative points from my d and AB gets shut out…they look like total crap