Which DEF to stream this week?

Picked up the Colts DEF last week, looking to stream again, but in an attempt to stream Bills opponents, got outbid for the Patriots DEF!

So my top options available this week (ranked by projections this week) :
Cardinals v SF
Dolphins @ HOU
Lions v SEA
Bengals v TB
49ers @ ARZ
Saints @ MIN
Chiefs (intriguing… do I dare?) v DEN
Redskins (also intriguing ) @ NYG

Who should I stream out of that bunch? OR am I better off sticking with Colts?

I dropped Colts defense for SF. Playing either defense from that game is a decent play in my opinion.

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Yeah leaning Arizona for some reason but also intrigued by the Chiefs after the way they played last week. Also the Redskins against an anemic Giants team.

I’ve got Washington DST in two different leagues this week. I also picked up the Chiefs defense because they play the Browns and the Carindals the next two weeks.

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Yeah I picked up the Chiefs for that exact reason as well. And I’m also fine starting them this week at home against Broncos for TO potential since our league doesn’t do negative points for defenses.

I’m in the same situation and I’m sticking with the colts just because the raiders should be awful. If you’re going to switch, I’d go with the cards this week. I dont trust the 49ers defense

I picked up ARZ last week because they were “supposed” to be a good play. LOL…yeah THAT really panned out!!! :roll_eyes:

Anyway…was torn between holding onto them or trying to grab either PIT or WASH. Was leaning toward WASH, but then just said…WTH…reckon I’ll just ride it out again this week with ARZ. They’re on BYE next week, so I’ll be right back here again. :smirk:

I really wanna lean Washington, and I’d feel a lot better if it was a home game. I just have a bad feeling this will be the week the Giants put up some points (I know, no reason to think that). I saw what the Saints did to Washington and while of course the Giants are NOT the Saints in any way, they do have playmakers at WR and RB. So I just don’t know yet lol.

I think the question is… who we playing NEXT week? so we can pick them up for free :upside_down_face:

I don’t understand :flushed: sorry