Which defense do i go with ROY?---

Full Point PPR-----SEATTLE OR JAGS? May have a chance to snag Jags for Seattle–

Id personally go with the Jags. What they have shown so far and who they play for the remaining of the season seems more favorable in my eyes.


I was going to ask the same question. I just dropped Minnesota for Seattle about 2 weeks back thinking this was a good pick up, now i read that they’re one of the top defenses, but are outside the top 10 for fantasy!

Jags are no longer an option for me

In my opinion Seattle is just as good as Minnesota and they picked up Freeney-


jacksonville for sure

help with mine

I like Amendola a lot when Gronk is out-Doctson still scares me a bit-Reed and Thompson are getting looks now so that’s a tough call in my opinion-

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