Which Defense? Rams or Steelers

I have the Steelers right now but 18 other DEF are taking right now. Don’t feel like the Steelers can stop the Chiefs but don’t know if the Rams can stop the Jags either. Any Help with be welcomed.

For me, Rams 11 times out of 10. Would you really want to pit your defense against the highest-scoring offense on the season? When PITs own offense can’t get out of its own way and leaves their D on a short field?

The Jags are a ground-and-pound team - trying to keep the ball out of Bortles’ hands as much as possible. This should lead to a low-scoring affair with less likelihood of your DST being blown out of the water.

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Thanks for the change of view. I was feeling the same way just needed another opinion.

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Sometimes another person’s agreement is all we need to help us trust our own gut haha. I’d say you’re right on this one!


I have the exact same situation; I dropped the Steelers D and picked up the Rams. My guess is the entire offense will try to run through Fournette so the Rams may stack the box and force Bundles to throw (yes please).