Which Defense this Week?

I have rostered the Titans but could pick Ravens or Bills from waivers
Also colts and Jets are free to have?

Which one is the best for Week 6?

Titans I think are fine but if I could have Ravens in that match up I would like that even better. Titans haven’t put up big numbers this year except the games that went to OT. I think Brown can exploit Butler leaving Titans open to a big play or two, but that is one of the projected lowest scoring games this week. Both of those are good options.

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Hope you picked them up.

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Sadly i hadnt… but it wouldnt had helped me much. Got Jeffrey, Boyd and Robinson on my Bench while Evans, Fuller and Carson(Flex) were rostered… :smiley:

I had one of those a couple of weeks ago. Favored to win by like 60 and go beat by guys like Cooper and Brown, etc when they all hit for a big week on the same week. Hang tight.

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