Which defense to play?

Steelers vs oakland
Denver vs san San Francisco
Minnesota vs Seattle

I have all 3 and am torn between Pittsburgh and denver

Denver has been hot lately and SF is working with pretty much all 3rd and 4th string players, they have been decent despite the fact they are all backups but still. I think they will be more likely to make mistakes and this game will resemble the Denver Vs Arizona match-up from week 7.

So i have denver away @ SF, but i ALSO have NE away @ Miami…which of these 2 should i roll this week?

My gut instinct was NE, as they’ve been picking up steam lately, but i just read a comment somewhere else about NE often struggling a bit when in Miami, so now i’m second guessing myself

I remember a year or two ago when NE lost to MIA late in the season when they were heavy favorites.
I would definitely go Den in that case. I think SF is probably a better offense but MAI can shock teams occasionally and Den is the better defense than NE

@Fobbyp Of those you listed, I would prob go with DEN. PIT is hard to trust lately, even tho they’re taking on OAK.