Which defense to stream this week?

Very few options for my league this week and they are not the best but:

Redskins or TB
Atl or Browns

Awful tough call…PLEASE HELP :slight_smile:

darnold is out this week and i believe its the jets against miami correct?

There’s your stream

Jets are playing Buffalo but Buffalo is on a waiver until the 12th so that cancels them out.

Easily Washington for me. Not just this week but they have the 4th easiest playoff schedule for the fantasy playoffs of D/ST so you could potentially benefit this week and stash for future weeks

dang bruh. hmmm.

For me, i suppose it would come down to either Bengals or Skins…

Fitzmagic has been putting up multiple TD’s a game, but skins D has actually been pretty good this year so maybe they slow him down?

Idk, there all terrible choices lol

HA yes indeed they are. I am going with the Skins I think.