Which defense wk13

I have been riding high off of Chicago and I was able to pick up denver D. Which should I play this week?

Can’t go wrong with Chicago but Denver will swallow up the Bengals.

PS: It pains for me to say it since I’m a bengals fan

I feel ya man. Sorry about your QB and WR. I’m a Broncos fan and aside from these two games the Broncos have been rough.

Chicago vs giants is an easy play. Manning going to surrender multiple sacks and probably turn the ball over.

Even with the backup QB on the Bengals side?

You act like Eli isn’t playing at a backup QB level right now.

Bengals O Line is complete ass lol. However, the new backup QB is alot more mobile than Dalton.

I would still take Denver as the higher ceiling start

It would be great to get another 35pts from my D

Honestly both are good to start but I think Denver has the higher ceiling since you have a good secondary to pair with an inexperienced QB with the most terrible O line in the league

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What are thoughts on NO or KC D/ST this week?

Im rolling with KC D/ST …streaming weekly and they were the left overs

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