Which DJ should I drop?

I need to drop someone for a wavier pickup, which WR should I drop? DJ Moore or DJ Chark?

My WRs are Golladay, Godwin, AJ Brown, McLaurin, Claypool.

Who are u trying to pick up that would justify dropping either of them? Seems like too much draft capital to drop

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You too hyped on Claypool if you considering on dropping chark

I have the Colts DST and looking to gets the Bills for their bye. I don’t want to give drop any of my RBs (CMC, Sanders, Hunt, Taylor, Gibson, and Harris) so I feel I have more depth at WR.

I’d drop Harris or a defense way before chark or Moore

Harris would be my go to pick but with RBs being so thin lately I didn’t want to give up any just to pick up a Def for a 1 week rental. I felt I had more depth at WR. That’s why I’m looking for advice.

Definitely drop Harris. You have plenty of RB depth without him.

Thanks everyone