Which do you prefer. Dynasty, Keeper, or regular

I have only been in regular leagues ( where each year is a fresh start. My friends want to start a keeper league but have no interest in a dynasty. Footclan, which do you prefer! pros and cons for each!?

I am in a keeper league with 10 teams, and each year we are allowed to keep 6 players from our previous roster with no draft pick penalty, so basically the keepers are our picks for rounds 1-6. My league is in it’s 6th season and it has been really fun. I think the pros to a keeper league is that everyone remains competitive and active since your current roster impacts your roster for upcoming seasons. The only con to a keeper league is that a couple teams might start off bad and not have much to build around, and it causes them to quit, and new owners have to be found. It has happened twice in my league, but my league consists of family members and relatives, so it is always better if you know everyone in the league.

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