Which do you think is better?

I am the commissioner of a 12 team keeper league (2 keepers per team)

Should I require people to submit their keepers prior to picking draft order?

Or should I pick the draft order first then have people submit their keepers?

I think it’s more fair for everyone to choose keepers before the draft order is set. That way, the person with the #1 pick doesn’t have a greater unnecessary advantage.


hands down what dahmus said. just about every time i answer a keeper question on the forums, thats my first question. do you already know where you will be drafting? because thats something you can easily take advantage of. if you draft 1.01 and you are having a hard time deciding between keepers, you dont have to decide anymore. you basically just get to say im keeping this guy too. its just the better way of doing things so who ever drafts 1.12 isnt screwed over because they cant make plans like that.


This will be the 11th year of our league, started keeping a player in the 2nd year overall. I am the commish as well and changed that keeper/draft rule about 5 years ago, and two years ago I wiped out 2 divisions as well, and went with one.

Thank you for the input @Dahmus and @BusterD. That is kind of what I was leaning towards but a couple owners brought up that knowing where a team is drafting can dictate value for trades. But my main concern is to keep the league as fair as possible and like you both said, doing draft order afterwards is probably the best way to do that.

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