Which Draft Position

I recently won first choice to select a draft position in a 14 team ppr league. I am leaning towards the third or fourth pick so I can grab an elite running back and take a better wide receiver in round 2 than the teams that draft first and second. Where would you choose to draft from?

I would aim for just that. The #3 or #4 spot. It helps get a couple options off the board to help focus and puts you back in line before the 1 and 2 guy.

The other thing is that the first 5 players really could all be No. 1 overall. They have the capacity and skill to lead on and start a successful team.

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I’d opt for the #2 pick because I’d rather have a top 2 RB and top 15 WR than a top 5 RB and top 10 WR, which is what I think you’ll get if you pick #4.