Which draft spot?

10 team 6 keeper league. Which spots would you rather draft from?
1.3 & 2.8
1.9 & 2.2

1.3 & 2.8…give me barkley, elliot, or kamara please

I doubt you can get Elliott or Barkley or Kamara in a 6 keeper league.

Didn’t realize it was a 6 keeper league. Kindly disregard my comment!

1.3 & 2.8 would be best. Though each team keeps 6 players, that also means they are giving something up as well. I recommend aiming for one of the mid range targets that should fall in the first round.

The other option might be to see if you can trade draft picks. If that is the case and you can swing a good deal, make a trade offer for a higher value player. Draft pick + mid/high player should get you a 1-2 tier player depending on your league.