Which DST are you targeting for weeks 15?

I’ve been rolling with the Bears, but they’ve got the Packers at home week 15.

Do I stream that week for someone like the Bills or Lions (playing against each other), or Titans vs. the Giants? Or just start the Bears and hope for some sacks?

What do you think?

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Baltimore (if available) is at home v. Tampa and you know Jameis is usually good for a couple picks.

Seattle at SF isn’t too bad though I prefer starting Defenses playing at home.

Atlanta is at home against Arizona. Atlanta just got Deion Jones back, they’re still not good as a group, but Jones makes them better and Arizona is not a good offense right now.

Cincinnati plays at home vs. Oakland… that’s a tough one though LOL a crappy D vs a crappy O. haha

Hope that helps, good luck!!