Which DST for Fantasy Playoffs? First round BYE

I’ve been rolling with the Bears DST, however- they play the Packers in week 15.

Which defense would you target for that week?

I should be good if I make it to week 16- as the Bears play the 49ers.

Any input is appreciated! Thanks!

The Lions get the Bills. I think Sunday was an abberation. If Slay and Ansah are playing, they should be a top option.

The Bengals play the Raiders and there should be little to know motivation left by week 15 in Oakland.

I’ve been eyeing the Lions and the Bengals- but I just worry that their defense overall just isn’t that good- despite the good matchups.

An important bonus to both of those DST are that they’ll be at home. Oakland doesnt have to pretend to be interested on the road.

Baltimore at home vs. TB isn’t too bad an option.

Also, with Deion Jones coming back for Atlanta, their D might improve. They play Arizona at home that week. The Cardinals offense might be improving, we’ll see.