Which DST from these 2 do u prefer for week 15?

I’m mainly deciding between:

  • Jaguars vs Redskins (home D against Sanchez)
  • Seahawks @ SF (16 points this past week vs SF)


  • Bears vs Packers (Rodgers unleashed?)

I go Jags against a run first Washington team with a 3rd string QB; plus, the Jags played really well last week and get 4net back (runs the clock down)

I just worry that the Jaguars can easily lay an egg… but they are playing at home and against Sanchez and recently shut down the Colts…

Jags. Fournette should give them the ability to keep the offense off the field more and Bortles was killing the defense. Pick after pick, boneheaded fumbles. He destroyed the Jags D.