Which DST: Steelers vs Rams -or- Giants @ Jets?

What do you think?

What’s your record? The Steelers have the best defensive matchups in the league for the rest of the season after the rams game. If you could survive this week with a bad matchup, I’d go Steelers. Giants are a solid matchup against the jets too if you can pick up both

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Record is 7-2. I have both, picked up the Giants yesterday. Yahoo projects the Giants to score only less than 1 point more than Pittsburgh…making me wonder if I should drop the Giants and grab someone like Mattison for insurance ROS.?.

I’d drop the giants and roll with the steelers for this week. Not the best matchup but also as a rams fan I can say Goff is not very good on the road and the steelers can get some pressure and force mistakes. Plus with your record I’d give up and extra point or two in one week for potential homerun like Mattison

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hope you did this! I rolled with Pittsburgh this week and they’re the reason I’m in good shape to win now. I was a victim of the Kupp goose.

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I certainly did, thanks for asking :smiley::+1: