Which DST tonight

Basically tied right now. I have Zeke and kupp still playing he has Hurley wckler and Kyler. I have both Pitt and Buf. Depending on the score going into tonight might determine who I play.

I feel buffalo has the safer floor as I don’t think Pittsburgh will score on them much. But if I am down 10 or more I think Pittsburgh has a better chance of a defensive score.

Any thoughts? Would be nice if kupp gets a few more targets here in the 4th quarter

I am down 8.2, so I need 9 from one of the defenses tonight… I think I have to got Pittsburgh.

Holy cow. At the start of the 4th I am up 0.8 points. As long as Buffalo doesn’t get to 14 points I will win.

Wouldn’t want it to be stress free…